It's Time for Some Cool New Stuff featuring seasoned musician and producer

- Bruce Gombrelli -

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ACQUISOTIC - RETRO BRITISH POP/ROCK - Brand new music that has that classic sound with a twist of NOW thrown in!

SONIC PLEASURES - Spa and Meditation Music

AUDIOKARAT - Instrumental Steam Punk Music

AUDIOGRILL - A collaboration band that does lots of different styles, some with vocals, some instrumentals

BRUCE GOMBRELLI - Songs released under my own name.

 New EP "Golden Relics" and new songs "See The Sunshine" and "Ripples" just released in 2016!

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Lots of new songs in the works. 

MORE NEWS! - A book with the complete lyrics to all of my songs will be published soon. It's in progress now


 We invite you to take the musical journey with Bruce and his bands...